Advanced WindowsCare

Advanced WindowsCare

It has a one-click approach to help protect,repair,clean,and optimize your PC
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Advanced Windows Care is an utility to keep your computer functioning at the best performance possible. The program checks all the software components to verify if there are any kind of errors that affect the system functionality. It’s important to remark that this utility, in addition to looking for software problems, it finds and fix security problems, like spyware (programs that track your steps in the net and, in some cases, collect and send your personal information and send it to someone else), and adware (a program that shows you undesired publicity). The utility fits perfectly the needs of the non technical users due to its easy to use design. With a few clicks it’s possible to access a complete group of tasks to make your system work at peak performance. However, if you are an advanced user, you can configure each task individually. In addition to the possibility to tune up the system, you can configure the program to keep your computer in the best form by allowing it to monitor the computer in real time looking for of any kind of problems.

Guada Morán
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  • Simple to use
  • Full automated tasks
  • Good centralization of tasks


  • Requires some knowledge to do certain tasks
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